Competition. In collaboration with Vanya Mutafchieva Architect MRIAI + Galya Nikolova

A desire to create a home for the imagination, a place of exploration and play led to the idea of the house. The home is a place that evokes memories and associations, a place of retreat for the mind, a place to formulate, develop and express ideas. The home also receives visitors. This dual relationship of retreat and reception is manifested in the competition proposal - a tall house in the parkland. 


 View from the entrance to the park 












The form of the building references a typology that is common to many large Irish county towns - that of the townhouse - but also of the tall house of the childish imagination. Standing on the edge of both park and canal, the approach is by foot, on water or by car. An open house between the trees, it has a symbiotic relationship with the park - both a place for play, leisure and recreation. Wrapped in natural aluminium it generates a shifting luminescence on the exterior that changes with sunlight and shadow.



View from the park