Customisable 3D printed map coasters. In collaboration with Love & Robots                                                               Photography © Aisling McCoy 


City Coasters   

Pick your favourite place in the world and have a map of it engraved on solid cherry wood coasters. Each set of four coasters is custom made just for you and dispatched within a week.

The coasters are designed as a unique customisable product to be 3D printed on demand via They are inspired by a love of maps and by the unique character of a city. Used individually they appear as fragments of some greater logic. When pieced together they reveal a city of distinct neighbourhoods, of public spaces, streets and squares.

Love & Robots innovative interactive 3D print service allows the purchaser to customise the coasters by calibrating the mapping technology to locate their area of choice and zooming to the detail level of their preference.

The coasters make for a unique bespoke product, an ideal personalised gift for someone looking for that something special.