Silo from Dock Road approach to Limerick city centre



This project was GAAD's response to the DoCoMoMo call for ideas on the theme Rank's Silo In The 21st Century.  Architectural proposals were sought for what the the disused silo on Limerick's Dock Road might become in the future. The landmark building lies abandoned on the edge of the working dockyard, a lone ghost from the Rank's Flour Mills industrial complex which once provided work to generations of Limerick citizens

GAAD's proposal is to transform the building and the area around it to an independent cinema anchored within a docklands 'container park'. The concept is to open the walled-off world of the docklands and re-connect it with the collective memory of the citizens via a new shared urban function.

We wished to celebrate the 'gritty-ness' of the working dock, a unique area of the city complete with the daily rhythms of loading and unloading of ships, of heaped mounds of junk and scrap metal, of noise, smells and general activity.


Context Plan Limerick City











Entrance Lobby Foyer 




Rooftop Courtyard






Structural Intervention - Cut and Fill





Cross Section though Silo and Dock